Powerful Interior Design Rules to Transform Your Home

Powerful Interior Design Rules to Transform Your Home

Powerful Interior Design Rules to Transform Your Home

by admin |May 5, 2018 | Blogs, Interior Designing, Residential Designs

Changing the color of the place, arranging the space area, lightning and changing many other elements that could make a home looks better. For renovating a home, some powerful interior design rules should be followed that would transform your home. Before you scoff and say, “Rules are made to be broken”. But you must know the rules first to break it. These rules are the standards for some reason which provides a harmony and balance to the place.

Color Selection

With what mood you have entered your home; it all depends on the basic interior designs. Interior design rules lead to arouse internal sentiments, create an atmosphere of the current mood. When you just enter a room, color is the first element you notice the most. Therefore, whenever it comes to decorating or redesigning a home, the first decision is usually, ‘Which color?”. Sometimes it really becomes so hard for one person to select a color. Color selection is the phenomenal way to bring elegance to your home decor. Usually, monochrome colors bring harmony to the place easily. Often we think about renovating our homes to make it look better. The renovation is about design that offers a plenty of shades which will tend to blend together and also offer a visual interest.


Creating Space

When it comes to creating space, one first knows the purpose of a place to be used for. As the prices per-square-foot are rising with the growing need for space. Exploring the ideas and taste of the clients, space should be in such way that it should look enduringly beautiful. Floor planning is the first thing to do and accordingly, furniture can be designed. Space planning should represent the balance between the beauty, style, and comfort. For enhancing the space mirror windows can be used in a home as reflection make it look more spacious. Transparent furniture may also be used.



Lighting can elevate the mood of any room. Lighting work in conjunction with color, texture, furniture, natural light, and all other elements that represent the solidarity of a place. There must be multiple lighting sources to create a lively effect which resonates in your mind when you leave. One can use Track lighting which can be hung from the ceiling to highlight a particular object such as a mural, a flower vase or a bookshelf. It provides an ambient illumination which can even soften the colors of the walls.



Whenever we talk about symmetry there should be a hierarchy of elements within the space. For example, furniture should be selected in such a way that it makes a thoughtful dimension to unite the entire place. The principle of interior design i.e. symmetry can be achieved by placing things in a repeated manner, thus portraying a feeling of stability, calmness, and consonance. Symmetry can be seen as dull, boring and unimaginative so sometimes asymmetry can also be seen.


Follow the Odd Numbers

You may have known about the rule of three for interior designing. This rule put into effect that odd things look more natural while symmetrical things seem cold and stale. Essentially there is a balance to be found between the symmetry and asymmetry. A space adorned with a variety has depth. This can be achieved by:

– Painting a wall with a different color from the rest.

– Arranging chairs of different styles around a table.

– Combining three textures together. They will look the best.

– Hanging ceiling lights can be chosen from a variety could look attractive.


Avoid Clutter

This is the last but definitely not the least, a tidy space look more pleasing. Attracting storing options can be installed such as floating shelves, bookcases, and decorative baskets. An organized home is where the designs truly shine.

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